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Just Listen

Just Listen

Just Listen

By Sarah Dessen

Book overview

Just listen was written bu Sarah Dessen in 2016.

Annabel Greene is a girl who has it all—at least, that's how it seems on TV commercials. Annabel's life is far from perfect. Her friendship with her best friends Clarke and Sophie ended bitterly, due to a few events that tore them apart. This left her alone and friendless at the beginning of a new school year.

Her sister Whitney's eating disorder is weighing down the entire family, and Annabel fears speaking out about her past and her lack of enthusiasm for modeling. In the midst of her isolation, she meets Owen—a music-obsessed, intense classmate who, after taking an Anger Management class, is determined to tell the truth. With his help, Annabel may start facing her fears—and more importantly, speaking the truth to herself..

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