About CSuiteMind

We at CSuiteMind believe that education never stops. Our life is constantly being shaped by our interest in the lives of famous personalities that we come to idolize through our perception of their public personas.

Whenever we find a past or present famous personality that appeals to our ideology, we spare no time in digging all available information about him/her. Of course, Internet throws a volley of results at you, but none are all inclusive. You have to rummage through random articles and identify the ones that really provide you quality information.

We are working towards eliminating this overhead of searching for quotes & saying, books, biographies’ of the people whom you find inspirational.

Consider CSuiteMind as an ‘Education source’, where you can spend constructive educational hours instead of random browsing through your social media newsfeeds.

All the elements in CSuiteMind are seamlessly linked to each other so that you can find optimum information on a single website. If you land on a CSuiteMind page that means that you are searching for ‘The secret to getting ahead is getting started.’ You will not only get the information that it was said by the famous author, but you will have access to his biography, his books, facts related to him, and the list of his other quotable quotes – all on one page!

Our Vision

To empower the every Internet browser with the ability to spend quality time learning about role models that will influence their lives at important crossroads and turning points.

Our Mission

To spread motivation and knowledge in the virtual world, and encourage sharing it as much as possible.

Supporting departments in the CsuiteMind

Like a real work bank has several other departments – accounts, loans, mutual funds, safety lockers, etc. – our CsuiteMind website also has departments that complement its function of spreading awareness and positivity through the different pages.


In this section, a list of topics and authors will be presented to you. You can select any one topic or author to view quotes related to the topic or by the author.

Although the bard said, what’s in a name?’ the quote wouldn’t have carried the weight it does unless there is a ~ William Shakespeare’ under it.


This section is devoted to noting down all important facts related to people, places or events. You can choose a category from a wide variety available. Alternatively, you can choose to see facts from the trending topics of the moment. All our facts are well sourced.


Every successful man is driven by two forces – internal and external.

The internal force is self-motivation and perseverance that keeps him at his efforts in any venture that he chooses to undertake.

CSuiteMind brings you the external force – knowledge and example. Browse through success stories of people you look up to, and learn firsthand from their experiences.


Find books by your favorite personalities/ topics here. Whether they are professional writers or have authored books based on their field of study/work is another matter. If they have written a book OR a book has been written on them, you will find it right away.


We maintain brief bios of all famous authors, athletes, political figures, and people from other vocations, who have found immense success in their career spans. In the biography section, you can browse through the list of these esteemed folks whose life and times we have in our records.

Happened on this day

This is a fun desk that lets you know what happened today in the life of your chosen personality or the facts about happenings related to a topic of your choosing.


These are quotes & facts embossed on high quality (HD) images. Put them up on your desktops or print them out and stick them on noticeboards or walls. Get your daily dose of visual motivation here.

Our readers, our real assets

Our website success depends on you – our readers to bring our overflowing quota of sources to you. When you read them, and get the supporting information, do leave another motivating quote or fun fact as a goodwill gesture.

We heartily invite you to share your insights on this initiative undertaken by CSuiteMind. We are waiting for your feedback here.