Words of wisdom. How to stay positive?

  • 2017-02-25 09:37:26

“Stay positive and relax. Always Work hard and never give up hope. Try to keep yourself open to criticism and keep learning. Encircle yourself with happy, warm and real people”. Tena Desae

People often confuse the word “positive,” with the “happy.” Though, happiness is just a type of positivity. There are thousands of different ways to be much more positive in your life, even when you’re experiencing extreme grief, annoyance, or challenges. Study suggests that humans have amazingly powerful potential to select positive emotions and ways of thinking. Always remember our life is just ten percent (10%) about what happened to us and ninety percent (90%) is all about how we respond.

There are some important key points that I would love to share with you.

Charity begins at home:

You want to get rid of negative thoughts in your life than you have to start from yourself.  If you are not able to change your life than there must be a reason and that reason is you are not willing to change it. Never judge yourself for your feelings and thoughts, because the feelings and thoughts that pop up in our mind are neither good nor bad and you have no control over them. The important thing that you can control is how to interpret your thoughts?

 Practice meditation:

Try an ancient technique which is often called as “Metta bhavana or compassion meditation,” this beautiful exercise helps you to extend your feeling of love that you feel for the closest family members to the other people. Modern day researches have shown us that this exercise will help you to bounce back from the darkness of negativity. Once you succeed in developing love for the other people than you will understand that life is a beautiful gift of God and for sure you do not want it to be destroyed by negativity.

Use your body:

You need to understand that your body is your best buddy and you have to control it very properly. If you are struggling with the positive thoughts then you should think about the working of your body. Always try to stand firm and straight, keep your shoulders back, chest forward and try to keep your gaze in front of you. This is called the “Power Pose”. Keep smiling is also a great way to keep yourself fresh because when you smile, it does not matter whether you are feeling happy or not your brain raise your mood.

Create a life in yourself:

If you are looking for great achievements, then you have to focus on all the ways that you are already successful. You want to be loved more, focus on all the people that care about you and you have to shower the abundance of love on them. If you are after greater health, focus on all the possible ways that you are already healthy, and so on and so forth.

 Follow your dreams:

It may be look simple but you have to believe it is the most difficult task you have ever done. Life is really busy and of course in such era we are not able to find few seconds for the thing we love, hence when you do something that you really love then you are actually thousands of miles away from the negative thoughts and nightmares. If you like the music then go for it, if you are fond of reading than you should go to the library. It is simple as that just keep yourself busy always with the things and people you love.


To get rid of the negative thoughts and feelings is not a rocket science. All you have to do is just start right now, consider yourself important and then you will be able to fight and win.