Yuri Orlov

Yuri Orlov (1924-)


Yuri Fyodorovich Orlov is Professor of Physics and Government at Cornell University, a former Soviet dissident, Soviet nuclear physicist and human rights activist, a founder of the Moscow Helsinki Group and Soviet Amnesty International group.

Yuri Orlov was born into a working-class family on 13 August 1924 and grew up in a village near Moscow. His parents were Klavdiya Petrovna Lebedeva and Fyodor Pavlovich Orlov.

Yrom 1944 to 1946, Orlov served as an officer in the Soviet army. In 1952, he graduated from the Moscow State University and began his postgraduate studies at the Institute for Theoretical and Experimental Physics where he later worked as a physicist.

On 10 December 1986, Orlov was awarded with the Carter-Menil Human Rights Prize of $100,000.

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