Taddo Ando

Taddo Ando (1941)


Taddo Ando (Born semptember 13, 1941 -in OSAKA-Japan), he is a japanese architect and the pinnacle of success in his own country, in the  last few years ;he has emerged as a cultural force in the world entirely as well.

- The approach of Taddo Ando to architecture and landscape was categorized by  architectural historian  "Francesco Dal Co " as "critical  regionalism" so in a summary  he is an architecte and an associates .

-In 1995, Ando won the Pritzker Prize for architecture  and he considered  the highest  distinction in the feild, he won also a Gold Medal of architecture in 1989-France, "Royal Gold Medal " in 1997-Great Britain and more ofmore  awards in the world  entirely.

-The most projects of Taddo Ando are : Hyogo Perfectural of Art  KOBE (1983-1999), Rokko housing 1/2/3, Hiraoka -house(1974)-Japan , Glass Block -house(1978)-Japan and Glleria Akka (1988) Osaka -Japan and more of  60 building in the word generally .

-His  most literatures are : "Buildings,projects ,writings" in 1984, " Architecture in Silence"in 2001 and "Taschen" in 2006.



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