Rabindranath Tagore

Rabindranath Tagore (1861-1948)


Rabindranath TagoreFRAS (; Bengalis) also written Ravīndranātha Thākura (7 May 1861 – 7 August 1941), sobriquetGurudev, was a Bengalipolymath who reshapedBengali literature and music, as well as Indian art withContextual Modernism in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Author of Gitanjaliand its "profoundly sensitive, fresh and beautiful verse", he became the first non-European to win the Nobel Prize in Literature in 1913. In translation his poetry was viewed as spiritual and mercurial; however, his "elegant prose and magical poetry" remain largely unknown outside Bengal. Sometimes referred to as "the Bard of Bengal"

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