Leo Ming Pei

Leo Ming Pei (1917)


 Leo Ming Pei was born  on april 26,1917 in Guangzhou-Guangdong-CHINA, he is known as I.M.Pei ,is a Chinese -American architect who spent  all his time to design a several beautifulplans and structures.

- In 1955, I.M.PEI starts his own architectural firm ; Pei  so much he  is influenced  by kennedy he conceived  quite a lot of  structures as kennedy library like the glass pyramid  at the louvre and the rock and roll  hall of fame.

-In 1966, the firm of I.M.Pei became "I.M.PEI &partners " and later in 1989 became "Pei Cobb Freed & Partners " but in 1990 Pei retired from full-time in practice  and in 1992 he became an architect consultant

-His  most buildings are : National Gallery of Art ,Bank of China Tower ,Museum of Arabic Art-Doha   john F kennedy library-Boston and finally Hong Kong.

-For more of 60's years ,Pei has been one of the world's most sought -after-architects and has handled a wide range of commercial , government and cultural projects  for exemple the  Modern Art  Museum created in Kirchberg-Luxembourg completed in 2006.


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